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Fishing in Scotland

A motorhome is probably the best accommodation to do some serious fishing in Scotland as you can park up alongside the river, fish to your hearts content, then cook it over a fire or on the BBQ right next to your motorhome while watching the sun set over the water.

Fantastic Fishing Locations

Scotland has an abundance of angling opportunities all year round, including salmon, trout, coarse and sea fishing, and much of it is world class. There is plenty to catch from the rivers Dee, Spey, Tay and Tweed where the salmon fishing is world class to the river Don in the north east of Scotland which is one of the finest brown trout rivers in Europe as well as an abundance of fishing spots up and down the coast.

Salmon Fishing

The home of salmon fishing, Scotland is the place to go if you want a fantastic Atlantic salmon fishing experience. The salmon fishing season in Scotland varies depending on where you are and what river you are fishing, with the earliest season start in mid-January and the latest season finish in late November. We recommend visiting in late Spring and early Autumn for the best fishing, however, in summer there are plenty of fantastic fishing spots that thrive.

Trout Fishing

With some of the best trout fishing in Europe, Scotland has a huge variety of water types in which to fish for a range of trout. Choose from migratory sea trout, wild trout in rivers and lochs and the stocked trout of the still waters. The variety of water types in Scotland is part of the appeal as you can visit large rivers in the south and east, smaller rivers in the highlands and west, or of course you can fish one of Scotland’s many lochs or reservoirs.

Coarse Fishing

Coarse fishing, for visitors that may not be familiar with the term, is fishing for pike, carp, perch, roach and any freshwater fish outwith the Salmon and Trout family. ‘Coarse’ refers to the quality of the fish for eating as they are not as desirable as certain other types of fish. Pike are the most popular species in Scotland, found throughout most of the country. Carp fishing is growing in popularity with numerous fisheries established recently in the central belt and the south of the country.

Sea Fishing

Sea fishing in Scotland is fantastic and offers varied experiences depending on where you are and whether you cast from the shore or a boat on the open water. Cod and Pollack both offer great fishing opportunities, as well as Bass, and larger fish such as Skate.