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About Us

Motorhome Hire Scotland was born out of a lifelong love of motorhomes and motorcycle racing.

We have spent over thirty years travelling to various motorsport events throughout the UK and Europe in a variety of caravans, campervans and motorhomes.

It is through this experience that we developed a passion for motorhomes that were of the highest specification, emphasising quality of comfort and driving experience.

We’re here to share our knowledge and experience to ensure your motorhome holiday is truly memorable and an absolute success from start to finish.

We Go The Extra Mile

We are not just renting you a motorhome, we are ensuring you enjoy every aspect of your motorhome holiday from the moment you arrive right through to the moment you reluctantly hand back the keys to the vehicle you have called home and made memories in.

Quality Vehicles – We believe that a truly great motorhome holiday can only be achieved if you are travelling in complete comfort and luxury, with everything you could possibly need.

Itineraries – We like to get to know each of our customers individually and provide guidance on where they may like to visit based on their interests. Whether you are interested in Scotland’s history, the stunning landscapes, adventure activities or family-friendly fun we can find the sights and attractions that will make your trip special.

Affordability – Luxury motorhomes shouldn’t be a rare treat that can only be used if you are willing and able to splash-out a lot of money. We have combined quality and affordability to ensure everyone can enjoy travelling Scotland and beyond in a high-specification motorhome.

Driver Confidence – Before you set out on your motorhome journey we will spend an hour with you to ensure you understand how the motorhome functions, both as a vehicle and as a home. Moreover, the vehicles are designed to be as easy to operate as possible as they have a low height, low entry, rear camera assistance and cruise control.

Transparency – The price you pay for your vehicle and any optional extras will be made very clear so you don’t have any surprise costs associated with your trip.

Communication – We are available to assist you and answer any questions you may have at any point while you are touring in your motorhome, or at the planning stage, to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible for you and enjoy your time on the road.

What’s The Motorhome Hire Process?

Easy Booking

Take a look around our website and find the luxury motorhome that is right for you and your family, you can easily check availability and make your booking through our website, via e-mail, or over the phone. Any questions? Get in touch, we’d love to help.

Before Your Adventure Gets Underway

We can pick you up from the airport or train station upon arrival in Scotland or provide safe storage for your vehicle if you are making your own way to our location. We will spend time with you before you set-off to ensure you fully understand the operation of the motorhome as a vehicle and a home.

During Your Motorhome Hire Holiday

We want you to be able to enjoy your time in your motorhome with complete peace of mind. We will always be contactable for you to provide any assistance or advice you may need during the course of your trip.

When Your Motorhome Hire Holiday Comes to an End

We know you’ll be reluctant to return your motorhome after the great times you will have enjoyed with your family in it. We make the process as smooth as possible for you, running through a checklist before ensuring you make your way home safely, whether you require transport to an airport, train station or hotel, or directions to take your own vehicle back home.

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